Migraine Progressive Muscle Relaxation: A Simple Exercise You Can Use Right Now

migraine progressive muscle relaxation

Migraine pain getting in your way? Progressive muscle relaxation is a proven relaxation technique that offers numerous benefits, including reducing migraine pain.

Can Stress Cause Migraine Attacks? Here’s the Real Answer

can stress cause migraine

While there’s no single factor that “causes” migraine attacks, stress can definitely be a trigger. Learn about the connection between stress and migraine.

Doctors Recommend New Migraine Treatment App

Juva for Migraine treatment app

The Juva for Migraine smartphone app is being recommended by doctors to select patients at four leading U.S. headache clinics.

Join Our Mission to Help People in Pain

Juva for Migraine biofeedback app

The Juva for Migraine biofeedback app will focus first on migraine and chronic pain. Later versions of this app will treat stress and a variety of other conditions.