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Introducing Juva for Migraine. We're so happy you're here. You want to live without migraine and headache pain getting in your way, and Juva wants to help. Our mission is your mission - to change the future of migraine treatment and empower you with the skills to take control of your pain, health, and well-being now.

* Juva is currently only available for iPhone 8 and up


We look forward to providing personalized biofeedback coaching to everyone soon. Your participation will help us improve your Juva experience, helping you have more pain-free days.

As a user, you will:

✅  Get early access to Juva for Migraine

✅  Be the first to try new therapies and features as they become available

✅  Help change the future of migraine treatment

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Juva is easy to use:

✅  Let Juva guide you through a series of personalized coaching sessions

✅  Choose from a variety of flexible sessions you can easily fit into your schedule

✅  Pick from a menu of specific exercises designed to target pain where you need it most

✅  Practice your biofeedback skills with fun, self-guided visual and audio games

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Juva's step-by-step program:

✅  An Introduction to Biofeedback

✅  Diaphragmatic Breathing

✅  Progressive Muscle Relaxation

✅  Visual Imagery

✅  Body Scanning

✅  Hypnotic Suggestion

✅  And more!

* While you may recognize some of these techniques, Juva works by combining specific exercises, customizing your coaching plan to change your relationship with pain, and providing personalized feedback in real-time.


Juva recommends using the app for 20-minute sessions five or more times a week. Stick with it, and Juva will teach you how to break your cycle of chronic pain before it begins. Practicing with the Juva app may provide relief for these and other related conditions:

😖  Chronic Migraine

😖  Episodic Migraine

😖  Primary Headache

😖  Primary Headache

😖  Tension Headache

😣  Chronic Pain

😣  Chronic Pain

😞  Fatigue

😫  Stress

😬  Anxiety

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What Juva's users are saying:

What Juva's users
are saying:

* Juva is currently only available for iPhone 8 and up


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