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We partner with you to seamlessly implement Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) into your practice.

Juva is a biofeedback app that accurately measures key patient metrics and gives you remote access to their health data, allowing you to provide ongoing remote care services and generate a monthly recurring revenue stream.

Perfect for clinical psychologists and neurologists. 

What is Remote Therapeutic Monitoring?

The 2022 Medicare Fee Schedule includes five new CPT codes for remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM). Remote Therapeutic Monitoring allows providers to bill for the remote management of patients with certain conditions using medical devices and software that collect non-physiological data. Previously, providers haven’t been incentivized to interact with patients between office visits to monitor their health data and encourage adherence to home exercise programs, medications, or other therapeutic approaches.

With the new CPT codes launched by CMS, you can now be reimbursed for collecting “therapeutic data” using virtual patient engagement and monitoring techniques—opening up new revenue streams of up to $25,000 per provider.

For the first time, physicians, physical therapists, and clinical psychologists can be reimbursed for remotely monitoring their patients from home.

Provide better care

Enhance patient care by providing remote monitoring.

Increase revenue

Generate up to $25K+ in new annual profit per provider.

Improve patient compliance

Improve patient adherence to at-home care plans.

Reduce administrative burden

Monitoring your patients more closely means less time spent on tasks such as refills, appointments, and referrals.

Improve patient satisfaction

Being in regular contact with patients improves their outcomes and keeps them more engaged with your practice.

Scale at your own pace

Juva's flexible model allows you to scale the RTM program at your own pace.

remote therapeutic monitoring

Potential Use Cases for RTM

Respiratory Conditions

• Peak flow rate
• Inhaler adherence

Pain Management

• Opioid use disorder
• Chronic pain

Medication Adherence

• Chronic conditions
• Pre- and post-surgery

Musculoskeletal Conditions

• Scoliosis interventions
• Physical / occupational therapy adherence

Mental / Behavioral Health

• Depression / anxiety screening
• Behavioral therapy adherence

How It Works


Patient Setup

Onboard your patients easily using resources and tools provided by Juva.


At-Home Use

Patients measure their progress at home, reducing unnecessary office visits.


Patient Monitoring

Juva monitors patients for adherence and alerts physicians of changes through dashboard.



Physicians get reimbursed by billing against the CPT codes below.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring CPT Codes

Up to $1,740 in annual revenue generated per patient


$ 19
  • Remote therapeutic monitoring initial setup and education
  • Billing frequency:
    Once per episode


$ 55
  • RTM device & data transmission

  • Billing frequency:
    Once every 30 days


$ 50
  • First 20 minutes of RTM treatment management services in a month
  • Billing frequency:
    Once per calendar month


$ 40
  • RTM each additional 20 minutes
  • Billing frequency:
    Multiple times per calendar month

* Amounts based on national average. Exact reimbursement amounts vary by geographic region.

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