About Juva Health

Juva Health was founded by Herbert Ong (CEO), Philip Cheung (CTO), John Brodish (Product Designer & Manager) and clinical psychologist and headache expert Dawn Buse (Chief Medical Officer) in October 2019.

Juva’s first product, Juva for Migraine, is an app that provides self-administered biofeedback therapy and predictive analytics to people with migraine. Designed by medical professionals and headache experts, it aims to be the No. 1 go-to, non-drug, self-care treatment for people with migraine worldwide. Additionally, through its use of predictive analytics, it aims to be recognized as the best in personalized migraine treatment.

Our Mission

Juva’s mission is to empower people to take control of their pain and well-being. We are a purpose-driven company aiming to provide the world’s most effective self-care treatment.

Our Team

Herbert Ong

Herbert Ong
Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Herbert grew up watching his mom deal with very painful migraine attacks. As a clinician — he previously was a hospital pharmacy director — he always hoped there would be new migraine treatments. After founding two healthcare analytics companies, he is now following his passion to build a company with a worthy mission that more directly impacts patients' lives.

Dawn Buse

Dr. Dawn Buse
Founder, Clinical Advisor

Dawn Buse, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist, clinical professor of neurology and migraine expert.  She has worked with people with migraine and other chronic conditions for 20 years in clinical practice and has conducted award-winning research. She is the calming voice and creator of Juva for Migraine’s in-app biofeedback treatment therapies.

Philip Cheung

Philip Cheung
Founder, Chief Technical Officer

Philip has devoted his career to improving patients’ lives by excelling at the convergence of bioinformatics, data sciences and scientific software development. Phil is responsible for developing the Juva Health app products.

John Brodish

John Brodish
Founder, Product Manager & Designer

John's career focuses on designing creative solutions for humanitarian projects and organizations. John designs and manages Juva’s digital products and experiences, working to ensure they are empathetic and effective.

Alma Secerbegovic

Alma Secerbegovic

Alma is a research scientist with more than a decade of experience contributing to research studies aiming to deliver high-quality and accessible healthcare services. At Juva Health, she works with an incredible medical and operations team to define and build products that impact people’s lives.

Kari Hulac

Kari Hulac
Marketing & Communications Advisor

Kari is a social media marketing and communications professional with experience telling stories across multiple platforms on a variety of topics, from daily community news to health, renewable energy, science and the environment.

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