You've tried everything for your migraine pain with little relief. Advice like 'reduce stress' and 'relax' are only likely to increase your frustration rather than help. So, you've started reading about Biofeedback [Link to Article: What is Biofeedback for Migraines] and want to know if it is for real.
You're not alone. Although biofeedback was initially met with skepticism, it is now widely accepted as a helpful component to reducing migraines and Biofeedback clinics can be found in most major hospitals including the Mayo Clinic.

"Biofeedback and progressive muscle relaxation are the most widely accepted non-drug techniques for headache control and prevention. Their effectiveness has been demonstrated across 25 years of research and well over 100 investigations." (American Migraine Foundation).

In fact, the American Migraine Foundation states that Biofeedback typically reduces headache severity and frequency by 45 - 60%! Imagine how much better your life would by cutting your migraines in half!

Additionally, Dr. Dawn Buse, states that "Research has shown that the most important thing someone with migraine can learn to do is increase their circulation." Fortunately, increasing circulation is one of the things you can learn to control using Biofeedback.

With a little bit of time, effort and instruction, you can learn to control your heart rate, increase your circulation and decrease your migraine pain.