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How Juva for Migraine Works

Think of the Juva app as a powerful tool in your migraine and headache tool-kit that helps you take back your life.

The science behind Juva is based on clinician-developed biofeedback coaching that helps you control your nervous system.

Calming your nervous system and relaxation training have been shown to reduce migraine frequency and severity for long-term migraine relief.

By using Juva’s step-by-step coaching for 20 minutes each day, you’ll learn how to control your heart rate and breath, which helps keep your nervous system calm.

Take back your life with Juva, so you can better manage your migraine.

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What's the Juva Experience?

Building a new habit can be hard, but Juva makes it easy. By using the Juva app for 20-minute sessions, five times a week, you can live a better life with migraine.

During each session, Juva guides you through biofeedback exercises designed by licensed clinical psychologists. Using your phone’s camera, the app monitors your vital signs and provides real-time feedback. Because Juva shows you your vital signs, it’s easy to see your progress as you learn how to calm your nervous system.

Stick with it, and Juva will teach you how to get migraine relief at home, on your schedule.

No drugs, painful injections, or uncomfortable side effects.

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Juva is recruiting users to test the app

* Juva is currently only available for iPhone 8 and up

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* Juva is currently only available for iPhone 8 and up

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Experience Personalized Coaching

At this point in your migraine journey, you may have tried various medications, supplements, new diets, painful injections, changing your lifestyle to avoid your triggers, and more.

But have you tried personalized biofeedback coaching from the comfort of your home? Previously, biofeedback therapy has only been available in clinics. Now, Juva brings the biofeedback experience to you, whenever and wherever you want.*

As you practice, Juva’s smart AI learns your skill level and adjusts your coaching sessions to focus on the techniques you need to improve on. The more you practice, the better Juva gets at helping you manage your pain, health, and well-being. Juva is safe to use in combination with other migraine medications and treatments, or on its own.

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Play Innovative Games

Managing your condition usually isn’t fun, but with Juva it can be. To supplement your coaching, Juva also offers self-guided games to help you practice what you’ve learned. Use your body and mind as a controller to make flowers bloom or turn the sounds of a thunderstorm into a sunny day. New sessions are regularly added to help keep things interesting.

Sign up today and see how Juva can help you prevent migraine and take back your life.

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Backed by Science

Did you know biofeedback and progressive muscle relaxation are the most widely accepted non-drug techniques for headache control and prevention?

Their effectiveness has been demonstrated across 50 years of research and well over 100 investigations.

According to the American Migraine Foundation, biofeedback and relaxation training typically yields a 45% to 60% reduction in headache frequency and severity.

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Juva's Telehealth Service *

*Available in only in select states

Juva’s new telehealth service offers a growing network of experienced professionals who provide biofeedback clinic treatment in the comfort of your home.

Ensure the best possible outcomes by meeting virtually with neurologists, biofeedback experts, and clinical psychologists through the Juva app.

Juva for Migraine

Our mission is your mission — to change the future of migraine treatment and empower you with the skills to take control of your pain, health, and well-being.

Juva for Migraine was designed by medical professionals, headache experts, and patients to offer biofeedback coaching that teaches you techniques to relax your nervous system

* Juva is currently only available for iPhone 8 and up

While biofeedback therapy conducted in a clinic under the guidance of a professional has been shown to prevent migraine and reduce the frequency and severity of migraine, and the Juva app is intended to be similar to clinic-based biofeedback, no studies have yet been conducted on the effectiveness of the Juva app to treat any medical condition. The Juva app is intended to promote general well being and is not intended to treat migraine or any medical condition.